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By staking your tokens, you become eligible to receive a portion (15%) of our earned revenue, with that portion increasing based on the size of your holdings.


Staking is a reward for investors for holding our token. It is also a way for them and users of the platform to share revenue and sells taxes. You can claim your staking rewards while your tokens are staked in the contract and get your BNB/ETH rewards, without any taxes or time locks or periods. Stake/unstake any time, no fees.

The only condition - your tokens must be staked at the moment when the new reward chunk arrives to be eligible to claim this batch.

Minimum amount of $CAFE you can stake is 0.01.

Staking is available at stake.def.cafe

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Reward batch? What is this?

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How is the size of my staking rewards calculated?

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What happens to my tokens when I stake them?

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How does staking $CAFE generate rewards in BNB/ETH, and how does it maintain stable payouts?