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Our sniper is integrated inside FTT and called Alternative Sniping System, or ASS.

You can see how it is different from all the other snipers (and why it's called alternative) in the video below, but in short: ASS buys on YOUR conditions. You have full control of your entry.

Simply set your desired price increase from launch, and ASS buys if it matches. If not, ASS will not buy, but it will retry an x amount of times and if it hits your desired % it will buy, so some people like to see it as a launch dip sniper.

However, ASS is capable of much more than that!

Features of ASS:

  • Automatic contract adjustments for deadblocks, banblocks, anti-sniper protection, high buy and sell taxes, and delayed honeypots.
  • Automatic determination of launch price and order parameters based on the user's max price margin. You will never buy at ATH.
  • Automatic calculations for max bag, slippage, and gas, based on preset configurations.
  • AI gas presets provide you with the best gas prices, automatically handle bribes if needed, and make purchase costs similar to an average Uniswap trade.
  • MEV protection and full privacy for all transactions made with ASS ensure you won't fall victim to sandwich bots or be frontrunned.
  • Gasless attempts: If the trade is rejected by the ASS contract scanner or the launch price is too high and you didn't purchase, you won't pay any gas fees or bot fees.
  • ASS schedule lets you set up an unlimited list of upcoming launches.
  • ASS places limit sell orders with take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop loss as configured by the user.

Tutorial for the ASS is available here.