0xDEFCAFE is opening the door to the DeFi crypto trading mobile background image.Welcome to DEF.CAFE knowledge base.
Our mission is to open the door to Defi trading
for everyone.


We provide secure, absolutely free, zero costs, fastest bridge ever made with built-in price balancing features.

  1. It's completely free of tax, we do not take any commissions. You're only responsible for paying cheap gas fees (on each side of bridge, BNB&ETH).
  2. It's almost instant.
  3. Price balancing features are built into both BRIDGE0 and the Fast Trading Terminal.
  4. Comes with new FTT features:
    1. Bridging takes place inside the FTT with a single click, enabling you to claim your arbitrage interest instantly.
    2. Automated price-balancing bot softly evens out the chart prices, preserving most of the arbitrage opportunities for users.
    3. In order to balance opportunities and provide added protection, the standard execution time will be around 1 minute. This will affect transactions under $1000 in USD value. The higher the USD value of the bridged tokens, the more time it will take to complete the transaction, with a maximum of up to 7 minutes. This ensures that the bridge is nicely balanced between speed and security, encouraging users to engage in healthy manual arbitrage with regular buys and sells, and creating more arbitrage opportunities for users. This design also discourages scenarios where a whale buys in with enormous amounts, which can make the chart too volatile.
  5. BRIDGE0 operates using the Def.Cafe cross-chain off-chain oracle, which serves to monitor transactions between chains. This ensures the safety of your transactions and the security of the bridge itself.

CAFE is more suited than any other token to demonstrate a successful example of bridging and will be first to implement new service. Our tokenomics don't include excessive amounts of tokens. We offer the fastest trading terminal that enables users to engage in healthy arbitrage with guaranteed profits.

Your revenue is constantly growing, because:

  1. Staking shares will be calculated, taking into consideration the burned LP-tokens from the sell tax. The longer the project develops, the greater share everyone receives.
  2. Portion of the sales tax (triggered by arbitrage execution) is distributed among holders through staking.

BRIDGE0 was launched first with CAFE, and then it will be offered as a service to existing tokens.


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Bridges? Bridges are bad and can kill projects!

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But what about arbitrage?

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An automated price balancing bot? Are there arbitrage opportunities for users?

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So, can I engage in arbitrage manually? But what will protect me from whales?

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But what if another arbitrage bot tries to ruin it?

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What chains are supported? As a project owner, can I integrate this bridge at launch?