0xDEFCAFE is opening the door to the DeFi crypto trading mobile background image.Welcome to DEF.CAFE knowledge base.
Our mission is to open the door to Defi trading
for everyone.

The bots

We provide secure and user-friendly tools for crypto trading, with shareable revenue amongst users.

Fast Trading Terminal

Our tools work in web on any device, no installation is required.
Main tool that we offer our users as of now is what we call Fast Trading Terminal, or FTT.

FTT is located at trading.def.cafe.

It dynamically adjusts your trades, choosing the most profitable option for you. But not only that!

  1. Terminal executes lightning-fast transactions, allowing users to seize opportunities swiftly and capitalize on market movements.
  2. Utilizes private nodes and MEV protection, ensuring that trading activities remain discreet, secure and confidential.
  3. Supports limit orders, allowing users to buy/sell automatically at desired targets.
  4. Alternative Sniping System. Powered by on-chain analysis, an advanced contract scanner, and dynamic adjustment to any market conditions, ASS picks the sweetest spot and the best time for a buy entry on YOUR terms. It operates in fully automatic mode, protecting you from purchase to sell.
  5. Presale sniper functionality enables participations in hyped presales earlier than others. Supports buying presales on Pinksale, DxSale, Unicrypt, and Gempad in fully automatic mode. Guaranteeing 1st block in 95% of cases.
  6. Security. Trading terminal is constantly evolving to meet the needs of traders. We relentlessly update our protections against new rugs and honeypots, and we regularly introduce enhancements to ensure FTT remains at the forefront of the industry, providing our clients with much needed safety.

FTT is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. The list above represents the Terminal as of September 2023. New features are constantly being developed.  Check the latest updates at def.cafe