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User profile

Your FTT profile can be found next to the "Connect" button, as shown here:

Profile icon wd-40

If you don't have a PRO tier subscription, your profile tab will look like this:

Basic tier profile image wd-50

  1. The CAFE holdings displayed correspond to the wallet you're using for authentication. This includes staked tokens.
  2. To start earning, you can copy your referral link. Your counters for direct and indirect referrals are updated with each login. The "revenue" field displays your estimated revenue share from the referral program.
  3. Upgrade to a PRO subscription following the instructions provided in this section.

After upgrading to PRO tier:

Basic tier profile image wd-40

Please note that the monthly prolongation of the PRO tier is enabled by default. You can disable this at any time.


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How can I claim my referral earning?

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How the price of upgrade to PRO tier is calculated?

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From which wallet my monthly subscription will be charged?

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Can I have a free PRO tier?