0xDEFCAFE is opening the door to the DeFi crypto trading mobile background image.Welcome to DEF.CAFE knowledge base.
Our mission is to open the door to Defi trading
for everyone.


CAFE is available on both BSC and Ethereum.

Starting price on BSC was $0.0075 per token with micro MCAP, 98% of the total supply was going to the community, and the team had only 2%. All added liquidity from sales tax is burned.

Ethereum CAFE was launched on September 2, and it matches BSC's price and liquidity 1:1.

Liquidity is locked on both chains.

-Low 10,000,000 total supply with 9 decimals.
-High MCAP/Liquidity ratio (~3.5/1)
-Honest fees (no transfer fee, no buy fee) 

The 10% sell tax goes 2%/4%/4% to Liquidity, Rewards Pool, and Development & Marketing, respectively. The minimum possible sell tax is 5%, the maximum is 20%.

Contract address that no one can confuse with another:


Token is used for revenue sharing of all fees collected from using def.cafe utilities.