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Tutorials: Getting started

This what you see when you first open trading terminal.

Main screen. wd-70 wm-90

Main screen.

  1. This is the info panel. All your actions will be promptly displayed here, providing real time feedback.
  2. This is the main panel. It hosts a chart of the cryptocurrency you've entered in the search bar, along with a wallet manager and a list of your limit orders and orders history.
  3. Finally, we have the trading panel, a place where you can conduct immediate transactions and set up limit orders.

To start trading, first hit 'Connect' above the info panel and sign the verification message. We will create account for you connected to your wallet using your signed message as verification of wallet ownership. We use this message only for confirmation of ownership, and by signing it you do not provide us with any excessive privileges such as access to your wallet.

You need to create a new wallet or import an existing one in our Wallet Manager using private key or seed phrase. Fortunately, both 'Create' and 'Import' are a one-click actions, located under the wallets tab in the main panel. We don't store your seed phrase in any way.

Wallets tab. wd-50

Wallets tab.

Great, your setup is complete. In the following page, we will guide you through transactions and limit orders.

But while you are still here, know that you can rename your wallet, delete it, or export its private key by clicking on the hamburger menu located on the right side of your wallet listing!